Cortijo la Cerradilla

Feb 2001

Purchase by the Selkirks

Frank with Raphael Lopez and wife and Jane Clutton

Oranges ready for picking


Eric surveys rain on the roof


Original entrance from study to garage

One of the features left in the kitchen

the main electricity fuse box. ouch!

The kitchen with first furniture

Eric checking old beer crates: top of property over his head!..

Original sitting room

damp in the bedroom

narrow passageway (bathroom to right)

The bathroom at time of purchase


what was to become our bedroom. .

the kitchen with first few fittings

the bottom reservoir full (for the only time since we've owned it!)

broad beans in the vegetable field fully ready to eat

the irrigation system for the vegetable field

the vegetable field (no large stones remain)

the well (entry from side: the rope allows the pump to be pulled up for checking)

the bottom field in February: almonds in full blossom but

 vines seemingly dead. (2006 note: these almond trees have

 mysteriously been pulled up with a tractor. Can't explain why..)

sign signifying start of town. On the skyline the biggest restaurant.

about 10 miles away we found this strange (British registered) vehicle. The location was to prove significant.


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