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Cortijo la Cerradilla

September 2015. For the year to early September we had about 50 mm of rain. And when one of the recognised features of a desert is less than 250 mm of rain per year (on average) you will quickly note that it wasn’t very much! But from 5th to 8th September 2015 we had 30mm!

In truth, a long, hot summer with temperatures up to the low 40’s here. Today (10th) our plunge pool temperature is down to 26 °Cso maybe plunging is over for the year? Who knows. I’m shortly off for nearly a fortnight but the prospect of an “Indian Summer” remains here. Always!  


The delightful terrier was given (well, maybe long-term “lent”) to us by Catherine after she rescued the dog bedraggled, starving and sorry for herself in December 2013. Also known as “Rocket” she is admired by all who she licks avidly! That includes our cat: they play well - except when the cat tries to share a bone..

Broadcasting. Unfortunately the BBC & ITV have succumbed to pressures from broadcasting rights holders so that satellite broadcasts are available only with large dishes and even then the signal is insufficient in summer months  . Internet alternatives exist, though of a poorer quality. And TEST MATCH SPECIAL is barred to us. Shame on the M.C.C.!

Luckily Spanish TV and radio are beautifully clear. Radio Classica  (approx = Radio 3) is full HQ/digital. The problem is simply that the announcers are rather too fond of lengthy introductions. But that’s a  problem with many Spaniards given the chance!

The almacén / music room..

One cannot extend the house of Cerradilla which has only 2 bedrooms. So we  built a superior  almacén beside it.. It cannot be attached to the house, and so on. After a series of juggles a compromise design was agreed: various further queries came up before permission was given.

As so often, paperwork for it is a problem: in this case for a simple reason: the farm building must be ancillary to a house. But the house “does not exist” as far as some government documentation is concerned (even though it was originally built about 200 years ago!).

The situation is being corrected , but SLOWLY!